Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trail Run In The Heat

I don't think I will complain about cold weather running for a long time.  Cold weather running is far easier to prepare for than hot weather running.  This week has been Al Gore's dream came true with temps in the 80's all week in the Bay area.  Global warming revisited us after a cooling trend.  We had a few days above 90.  Today felt like 100 or so.

However, I cannot complain about the heat either.  It was great starting out our run at 6 AM scantely dressed in a mesh t-shirt and shorts.  I had 40 ounces of water and was well hydrated before the run.  Mr. Bradley checked the Rose Peak (elevation 3000 ft.) weather station on the net before we left and it was 80 degrees at 530 AM.  It reached a high of 94 degrees today.

We ran up Monument and Mission Peak this morning.  It probably only reached 93 degrees because of the cooling effect of the Bay.

I went through 60 ounces of water on the run and had to drink at least that much when I arrived at home. 

The weather was actually perfect.  It probably did not break 70 degrees for our run.  There was hardly a breeze.  It was beautiful fall weather.  Venus was riding high in the sky brightly.  The moon was not quite half.  We both savored the warm morning knowing that in a week or 2 we would be donning both jackets and gloves.  The prospect of an early fall dusting of snow is a good possibility.

Steve and I never have bad runs.  Each run has it's special place in time for us.  Some are just more epic than others.

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