Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trail Run To Monument Peak

Today we got to experience the most sunlight ever available for our run until next year because it's almost summer solstice. We hit the trail at 530 AM with no flashlights. It was just Andria and myself this morning. We had 2 cancellations again. This seems to be SOP for our little group of runners. Who can blame anyone for not showing up when we depart at 530 AM!

We really did not have any big plans for our run this morning. I made the decision after being out for an hour to at least run to the horse ranch. We ended up running all the way to Monument Peak in Milipitas. After running to Monument Peak, we ran another 2 miles and accented up Mission Peak. Both of our legs were tired but we decided to take advantage of the nice cool weather and put in a 3 hour run.

Running with only 2 people really has some merits. Andria and I were able to see a very cute little fawn grazing in a small clearing along with 2 doe deer. Later we saw several more deer running through the woods. The big bonus for us was seeing a small pack of coyotes chasing their prey on a nearby hillside. With only 2 of us running we are usually very quiet and do not scare off the wild animals.

The weather was picture book perfect for a summer run. The skies were clear and it was nice and cool-in the 50's. As I have said many times before, there never is a bad day for a trail run. Never had a bad trail run and never will.

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