Monday, April 13, 2009

Trail Run To Rose Peak

Before my alarms sounded at 430 AM, I was already wide awake and excited to go on my trail run to Rose Peak. Andria and I arrived at the trail head at 520 AM and were shivering as we donned our jackets to ward off the cold. With flashlights in hand, we headed out in the dark. We decided on the high trail that traverses across a dangerously steep hill. We like running this trail because on the return trip home, we are rewarded with a beautiful bubbling brook shaded by secret garden of trees with hanging moss.

The wind cut right through us the higher we climbed. We were blanketed by a thick layer of fog. It seems like our coldest runs are always in April. Even after sun rise, we had no sight of Rose Peak. After 2 hours of running torturous hills we finally cut through the fog. It was glorious! The sun was shining through a thin layer of fog that highlighted the spring flowers in golden sun shine. The flowers carpeted the hill sides artistically with an array of pastel and bright colors.

We arrived at Rose Peak in just under 3 hours of running. The sky was bright blue. Below us lay Silicon Valley and lots of fog. We drank in the beauty and ate home made organic cacao nib cookies. It was so peaceful. The view is our reward!

We decided on a different running trail for the return trip home. We enjoy varying our routine for trail runs. I like my trail runs to be loops rather than an out and back run. The new running route avoided the monster hill work out and that was just fine for us.

We saw over 30 people enjoying themselves on the return back to our vehicle. It was a mix of back packers and day hikers.

The brook was bubbling in our "secret garden" trail. This is the place that I could sit with a good good book and hot cup of coffee for hours. If it were not for my wife and 2 kids waiting for me at home, I would have lingered longer.

The run was beautiful. 20 miles, at least 3800 feet of vertical climbing, and 5 hours, 30 minutes of running.

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