Thursday, April 2, 2009

Long Distance Trail Running Withdraw Cured!

Today I was able to jump back into my mountain trail running mode to get my endorphin fix. We started running at 545 AM with long sleeve shirts and gloves. By the time we hit the trail gate at 645 AM, we were getting hot!

It was sunny and warm. The temperature was in the mid 60’s with little or no breeze. Everything was spring green!

I suggested to Andria that we run to the hang glider launch again. We like this run because it’s a 4 hour run with moderate hills and it’s easy on the eyes.

We made it to the hang glider launch in 2 hours and it was easy! The return trip of 2 hours was just as easy. Mission Peak was expectantly crowded as the warm air drew large crowds.

Upon returning to our vehicles I commented on how one of our partners, Sue Corrie has either lost her keys or locked them in her car. I discovered that this was my fate too as my keys were locked in my car. However, I carefully hide a key and zip tied it to a place that is so hard and miserable to get at that I almost could not remove the key.

Oh the green is so beautiful!


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