Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trail Run To The Old Ranch

On Saturday, my 2 running partners, Nadia and Andria ran to the old ranch behind Mission Peak. We enjoy the trail so much because it really is off the beaten path. There are several old broken down buildings and an old trailer with that has wooden wheels on the spokes. The turn of the century stone fence lines remains. Cows were were walking lazily about in no particular direction. The horses were not there. I always look forward to seeing the horses. There is something nostalgic about seeing horses. It reminds me of all the western movies that I watched as a child.

I have a long 25 + mile run scheduled for this weekend, so we really took it easy. I always seem to be taking it easy. Why run hard if you don't have to? If it was not fun, I would not be running so much.

We ran for about 3 hours. We walked all the major hills. We laughed and talked the entire time.

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