Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where are the 4 girls?

Six years ago I came across 2 very fine looking ladies while on a trail run near Mission San Jose. One was an English native and the other a Vietnamese native. I had to tell my wife that they were very ugly in order for me to continue running with them. Later on our group picked up a petite American born Chinese and a beauty from El Salvador. I was the envy of all my male running friends. My wife even grew fond of them and had them over for a runners tea. My wife is the real champion!

The only trouble now is...THEY ARE MISSING! One moved to Washington state and got married. The other 3 are MIA.

Please help me find the girls! I am offering a reward to anyone who has any knowledge of 3 very lazy girls. They are most likely sleeping in on Saturday mornings. I get no emails or phone calls. I mean we were never exactly dating but I expect at least a text message.

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