Monday, November 10, 2008

Solo Run Up The Double Peaks

This Saturday, I made a run up Mount Allison and Mission Peak. As I was running up Mill Creek road to get to the trail head, I became very damp as I was running through a thick fog. The fog lifted by the time I jumped the gate at the end of Mill Creek road.

This was my longest run of the season. It was my first solo run up the peak in months. I miss my running friends. Nevertheless, a solo run is better than not running at all.

There was no wild life to be seen. I think the animals are getting ready for the cold winter and are getting the extra rest that they need.

I was on top of Mission Peak by 8 AM and it was full of people. I talked with Joe Simon, my friend from years ago at Lam Research. It was nice to see a familiar face.

By 8:45, I was in my car heading home for coffee and breakfast. With a double peak run under my belt, I am ready for the wet winter season ahead of me.

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