Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Search of Princess Nadia and Contesa Isidalia

Pssst....I received 3 emails from my missing runners. One of the girls says that she is in Texas running a cattle drive before the winter snow storms. The other 2 girls informed me that they miss me dearly and invited me on a run at 5:30 this Saturday. They may be fraudulent emails. Keep me in your prayers. It may be a plot to kidnap me. I think the kidnappers have 2 of the girls held hostage up near Mission Peak and the kidnappers are trying to lure me into being kidnapped with the girls...not a bad idea!

If I do not post for several days, consider me kidnapped. Send this posting to your nearest FBI agent.




Anonymous said...

Not only did I have the pleasure of running with you Mark but it was such a great moment when Princess Nadia, you and I had the opportunity to watch the shooting star!! It was a great run. Till next time...

Anonymous said...

The shooting star and the hills going up Mill Creek Rd took my breath away!