Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alameda Creek Trail

I have two wonderful little boys with lots of energy. When I return home from work, they are like little puppies excited to see me. My routine when I arrive home is to usually hit the trail and go for my run. I was feeling a little torn and decided to take my boys on my week day runs down the Alameda Creek trail. I have a nice 9 mile loop with plenty of water and bathroom stops for my boys.

My wife packs the boys back packs with snacks such as home made granola, water kifer, oranges, and anything else to make the boys happy.

The trail starts just after the rail road track crossing over the creek. It's a challenge to get the boys bicycles to cross the tracks. I usually have to lift the bikes safely over the tracks. Once we are on the trail, the fun starts. The boys usually crash 3 or 4 times during the ride. They bump into each other, hit bushes, or just fall. This may sound like I am not an observant parent. Rest assured, this is not the case. The boys fall when they are on the gravel side attempting to do stunts. The gravel side has rocky berms on the fence line. They will ride up the berm and run out of gas-so to speak. I was once a little boy covered with bruises from head to toe. My boys seem to be falling my foot steps!

When we are 3/4 through with the bike ride, I give the boys a 15 minute rest at a picnic table near a pond that I run loops around. I have a visual on them and can safely return. Each loop is 4 minutes. They eat the snack, drink water, and throw rocks at imaginary monsters.

The last leg is my favorite because the wind is at the boys back and they feel invincible. They will always beat me back to Mission Blvd where they are instructed to wait for me. They have a few "secret paths" that they take. Sometimes they hide from me. I love the imaginations of boys. They feel if their eyes are closed, that I cannot see them. What a cool thought!

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