Friday, October 17, 2008

Quarry Lakes Trail @ Last Light

Yesterday, I ran around the Quarry Lakes Trail in Fremont with my 2 boys. It was a hot 85 degrees. We brought 2 twenty ounce bottles of water and 1 twenty-nine ounce bottle of fermented water kifer. Even with all the liquids, we still ran out.

We ran at last light. This is another special time to see the sun setting over the lakes and the Alameda creek trail. I ran into my friends Isidalia and her husband Filipo. They were walking their 2 kids.

My kids needed a long break. I cut the run a little short due to the heat. We rested for 15 minutes and then ran the paved side back to make it easier on the boys.

Tomorrow will be Mission Peak at first light!

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