Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trail Running at first light

I finished running my first trail run of the fall this morning at first light up near Mission Peak in the Bay Area of California. It was cold and windy. I had on a hat, a long sleeve t-shirt, and gloves. I have not had a decent trail run in 2 months since I had been over seas for 5 weeks. It felt so good to be home just for the decent running. I love starting out before sun rise because the color changes are so dramatic. You can see the stars, moon, and planets. It's really night time. I often see "shooting stars". It's hard to believe that the sky can be so black being so close to San Francisco.

I live in the East Bay and I just cannot get enough of trail running. I use an extensive network of trails that is literally hundreds of miles. The terrain is often rocky and can challenge your footwork. Some areas are open and exposed grasslands. My favorite areas to run in the summer are in the cool shaded bay tree hill side draws and canyons. I always grab a handful of bay leaves and roll them in my hands to smell the aromatic bay smell.

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