Thursday, February 10, 2011

Running with cadence (metronome)

I am doing everything possible to correct my running form to reduce running injuries caused by bad habits including using a metronome to keep my cadence on track.  I read using a metronome that will beep or tick to your foot strikes.   Amazon sells inexpensive metronomes for about $15.  Click here if you want to buy the Seiko Metronome, or read on for a free Iphone App.

But really, do I or anyone else really need to buy one?  I have dozens of electronic devices scattered throughout my house, car, backpacks, etc.   At work, I carry 2 smart this dumb or what?

Since I already carry an Iphone, I searched for a free app and found a free Metronome by Stenway & Sons.  All I need is a metronome that will change the beats per minute to a pace that works for me.  This app will allow you to change it by increments of 1.  It's made for musicians which I am not.  You can adjust for a 2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 beats.  I really cannot explain what that means.  I use the 2/2 because it gives a different click for each foot strike.

This is how they describe it on their website:  
"The Steinway Metronome is a free application that allows musicians to dial in the tempo of the piece they are practicing or just tap along to let the app find it. It allows for customization of time signature, visual indicator, and sound options to user preferences and even the interface can be customized from a wide selection of available "veneers" to match the user's taste or the finish of their instrument.
Early reviews of the app have been overwhelmingly positive, with many calling it the best metronome app available on iTunes (including the metronome apps that are not free)."

The volume is adjustable and will not bother your running buddies.  If you have any doubts, then use ear buds.  I don't think this is something that you will have to use on all your runs.  It's going to train you to use shorter strides.  It's like using a heart rate monitor.  I have one and rarely use it.  I use it to slow my pace down.  In the case of the metronome, I will use it to make my strides shorter and steps more frequent.

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