Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mellow Morning Run

This morning was a relaxing, mellow, morning run.  Our feet hit the pavement at 0540 hours and landed on the dirt at 0610 hours.  This dirt was rock hard!  We have not had rain for almost a month.  The Morrison Canyon ridge trail is just a cattle trail with no gravel and is completely undeveloped.  The open range cattle turned what little trail there was into a mini moonscape with hoof size craters all over the trail.  I love obstacles.

The trail posted a sign that it was closed until made safe.  It looked safe for me, so just like the health care reform bill was deemed "passed" we deemed this trail as "safe".

It was a beautiful sunrise over the entire Bay Area.  We could see as far away as San Francisco.  Everything was lush and green.

My feet are still adjusting to my Vibrato 5 fingers on the trail.  My left heel landed hard on a rock or a hoof crater and was sore all afternoon.  VFF are great in the mud and dirt.  When you traverse on rocky trails you run the risk of some very painful landings. 

Dan and I were noisy and scared most of the wild life away.  We get carried away and talk too much.  Honestly, the run up Morrison Canyon should be done every so often solo to drink in the wild life.  This place is loaded with deer, fox,coyote, hawks, and an occasional mountain lion.  At least we scared away the later!

We were plodders this morning.  In the afternoon, I can usually hammer out this run in 75 minutes.  With all of our talking and enjoying the scenery, we extended this run to the 2 hour mark.

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