Saturday, March 6, 2010

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

This week I had to revisit methods for Plantar Fasciitis Treatment again. I have been training consistently all year and decided to run the Ohlone Wilderness run last weekend. The 50 kilometers of constantly running up and down for 7 hours took it's toll on my poor aching feet.

I have started by stretching my calf muscles as I lean against a wall. Tonight I will get my tennis balls out and roll them under my arches. I plan on freezing paper cups full of water and using them for an ice massage.

I even brought out my night wraps for me feet that I got at Road Runner Sports. The wraps prevent the heel and ankle from getting fully extended which causes stress and inflammation.

At the moment, the plantar fasciitis is barely noticable. I will do everything that I can to attack it before it gets the best of me. I plan on getting this e-book on Plantar Fasciitis Treatment.

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