Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quarry Lakes Trail

I ran around Quarry Lakes yesterday afternoon. It was a balmy 81 degrees. I loaded up 2 twenty ounce bottles of water for myself and a 32 ounce for my 2 boys. By the time we hit the picnic area for my boys rest stop, we had finished most of the water. It has become so much fun for me to see my boys riding their bicycles like puppies on the dirt trail. They zig and zag back and forth across the trail. Trail of dirt smoke follow them as they push their peddles so hard that the back tire slips.

The season is getting close to coming to end. When the rain comes, the boys will be staying inside.

both boys are complaining now of riding the same route over and over. I try to vary it. I gave them each an alternative to stay at home and work on math problems. Both are not interested in solving math problems.

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