Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fast Pace With Slow Boys

On Monday, I ran a fast pace with 2 very slow boys. My boys had both caught some sniffles over the weekend. They both wanted to go on the bike ride, or so I thought. It started out hard and only got worse. At mile .75, I noticed my youngest son's rear tire was low. We had to go home, pump up the tire, and test it in a bucket of water for leaks. There were no leaks detected.

At mile 2.0 I noticed that my oldest son was not riding in the lead. I asked him if he was ok and he said that he was tired. At mile 3.0 I saw tears running down his cheeks. I knew that I was in trouble because there was no quick way to get home. I made a decision to get to the picnic table as fast I could to give the boys a 15 minute break.

The break did wonders. They ate their treats, drank lots of water, and were recharged for the way home.

We ran home on the paved section of the trail. I ran at a fast clip chasing the boys. We were able to see the Ace Train going back to Stockton. My boys raised there arm in a "whistle pull" to get the engineer to sound off the horn.

By the time that we returned home, the boys forgot that they were tired.

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