Thursday, March 21, 2013

I gave up traditional running shoes more than 2 years ago and there is no looking back.  Since the first January of 2013, I have only used my running shoes a few times.  Most of my runs have been in my bare feet.  It's almost surreal because running barefoot actually feels normal.  Sure, there have been some issues running on the hot pavement where I have blistered the bottoms of my feet.  If I were running on grass or a trail, this never would have been an issue.

I don't have to deal with plantar fasciitis foot pain any more.   I have been injury free for 2 years.  It sure feels good to be able to hit the trail and not experience any pain.

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How To Start Running Barefoot
Tips For Running Barefoot Correctly
Correct Barefoot Running Form
Barefoot Running Alternatives
Original Luna Sandals 

I don't advise starting out running in your bare feet.  Rather, use some running sandals such as Luna Sandals made by Barefoot Ted.

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