Thursday, March 3, 2011

How To Get Free Running Shoes...

A few years ago I ran into my old track and cross country friend Tom Stambaugh.  He was the kind of runner that you loved to hate!  We were running a the 15k Minnesota Masters and my friend Tom had a bad day.  He average just under 5 minutes per mile and took a dismal second place.  His entire outfit was paid for.

He has been running in free shoes since high school.

So, what my point?  If you can run a 15 k under 5 minutes per mile, than you can get sponsored by Nike, Adidas,  or just about any decent shoe company.

Guess how many free shoes that I have received from sponsors?  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  My mom bought me running shoes when I was broke and in college.  That was after I quit the track team.  She must have felt sorry for me.

My free shoe supply has been reduced to my 2 bare feet.  I got a free pair of 5 Fingers at REI when I returned my ripped out Vibram 5 Fingers.  I wonder if that counts?  Maybe I can stretch the truth and impress my friends that I am sponsored by REI.

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