Friday, February 4, 2011

Invisible Running Shoes Kit

I was excited to return home today because I knew that my Invisible Running Shoes kit was in my mail box.  My 8 year old son Zachary greeted me at the door and asked if the "Huaraches" had arrived.  He was surprised and a little disappointed that the package was so small.  How could 3 pairs of sandals fit in 8x11 USP priority mailer?  I was curious too.  But not dissappointed.  They are so light.

The Youtube videos for making the huaraches were fantastic.  Steve Sashen does a great job at detailing every step of the way.  I disagree on a few of his methods like melting the knot on the bottom of the shoe.  I think heating up the rope and melting it together may shorten the life of the rope.  Am I petty or what?  My other point of contention with Steve is that he suggests to make only 1 template for both the right and left feet unless your feet are noticeably different sizes.  The shoes are so easy and fun to make that I opted for a template for each foot.  Sorry Steve!  I even colored each template a different color as to not confuse them.

Kudos to Steve for telling you that you should really have a leather hole punch.  Granted, there are only 3 holes per shoe to cut, the leather punch is necessary.  I tried drilling the holes and all the hole did was fill back in!  For another $13, I own my own leather punch.  Now I can be the defacto Bay Area go to guy for making Huaraches.

Here is a break down of the process.
  • Make a template for each foot by tracing your foot with a Sharpie pen.  I used the fat one. Red & blue
  • Even out the the template and make the edges rounded.
  • Mark the 3 rope holes with a Sharpie
  • Cut out the templates
  • Tape the templates on to the Vibram block of tread.
  • Cut out the shoes.
  • Punch out 6 holes
  • Thread the rope into the sandals
  • Tie your Invisible Shoes

It took me about 2 hours including going to the hardware store to purchase a leather punch, talk with a friend at Dale Hardware, taking a shower in between tieing the sandals, and drinking some kombucha tea.  I think in reality, my second pair will be completed in about 15 minutes.

Tomorrow morning, I will give them a test run.

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Steven said...

I love that your laces match your outfit!