Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chi Running|Injury Free @65!

While picking up some material for my home remodeling project, I ran into my 65 year old trail running buddy Jerry Roninger.  I was curious as to why he never has any injuries.  He mentioned that he practices Chi running.  He really peeked my curiosity since I have been suffering bouts of PF or better known as plantar fasciitis for the past 20 years.  It's on and off.   While my pain is just a barely noticeable dull throb, I want it to go away completely.

Jerry runs  a dozen or so ultra marathons a year.  He travels all over the world do run diverse terrain.  He is making new PR every year at ultra marathons.  Here is his secret: 

I immediately went home and started looking at YouTube Videos for Chi running.  Check them out.  I plan on getting everything made from this company.   Look, I have spent thousands of dollars on custom orthotics, special shoes, and all kinds of stupid things that have never helped.  Now I have a straight answer.    Search the net and you will not find any hype about this company. What you will find are thousands of testimonials on how Chi running has helped people out.

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