Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trail Running With a Splash!

This week we had a considerable amount of rain in the Bay Area. As a child, I lived for puddles and all the mud associated with rain. Come to think about it, as an adult, I love the mud too! I am a man with a tendency to teeter on the personality of a boy. My 2 boys are not so different.

When we arrived at the Alameda creek trail, my 2 boys asked if they could ride through the mud puddles. My first and only thought was "Of course!" I actually encouraged them to take on the largest, muddiest puddles. I baited them to go through the deepest parts. Both boys made sure that they rode through every puddle at least once. We even made a video of them going through the biggest puddles. I shot dozens of photos of them making a mess with no concern of ruined clothing or bicycles. I was on my weekly run and the entertainment was outstanding!

I was running and did not care to get my running shoes all wet. It's not that I mind being wet. Running shoes tend to stink if they are not dried properly.

When we entered our house after the ride, my wife just about turned blue from all mud. She inspected the boys by walking 360 degrees around them. She was visibly distraught. I quickly herded the boys upstairs into the bathroom to wash all visible evidence of mud off them.

We quietly marched down stairs after our shower and pretended as if nothing happened. As far as the boys were concerned, nothing of the ordinary happened. They were in their element. Mud, dirt, and boys mix just fine. They would have been perfectly happy to go to our Wednesday night church program without a bath and without changing clothes. My wife on the other hand would not allow it. The boys often have to pass her "smell" test. I have to admit that even after they have showered, a blue cheese aroma sometimes permeates their bodies. Boys just don't care that much about washing when they are 6 & 8 years old. Next time I think I will sneak the boys out of the house with all the dirt and mud on them.

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