Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hill Run Up Morrison Canyon

It was a cold and rainy day. The boys usually tag along with me on my week day runs. I love the quality time with them. Sometimes it's hardly a workout because I am more like a sheep dog chasing the stray sheep. Today was no different. Since it was raining, I thought the boys would stay inside. They eagerly dressed up and were ready to go. Happy Zach was so excited that he forgot to put on his jacket. This delayed our start-again.

As we were crossing the rail road tracks, a strong wind kicked in and blew rain on us. I was a little concerned about getting the boys too much exposure. Plan B kicked in. I deviated from our normal trail run and veered towards the hills for protection from the elements. We ran along Canyon Heights Drive and turned left to the monster hill on Morrison Canyon. I found an old school bus stop bench with an ivy covered trellis for the boys to rest on and eat the sour dough whole wheat raisin bread that I packed for a snack.

I ran one fast hill 1/4 mile and joined up with the boys under the trellis for protection from the rain. I saw three deer grazing on the hill side. I looked for the wild turkey and did not see any.

My boys did not complain at all which is unusual. My kids are far from perfect. They cry, pout, and fight with each other. This run was a little too quiet. It must have been the rain. No wipe outs. No crying. No fighting. No kidding! Amazing!

We were out for about an hour and then came inside for a nice hot meal.

The tables turn as I age. I want to build relationships with my boys. I am not as focused about being number 1 in a running race-not that I won more than a few races in my entire life!

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