Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Running For the Gold

I had a unique run with my 2 boys on the trail today. My oldest son suddenly had this fascination with gold. He found gold to be the most valuable thing on Earth. He was not talking about using gold to buy stuff like us adults. He was talking about making tissue paper out of gold. There were several dams on the levee trail where we run. He asked if a dam could be made out of gold. He suggested making bicycles out of gold. He pondered about making an entire automobile out of gold.

I was really getting into the conversation. I suggested making a complete house of out gold. Josiah said rather than using nails, we could use hot gold glue. What a concept! We came up with a gold inflatable tube. He also wondered what we could use gold dust for. I suggested baking bread or a cake. He did not think that would be very healthy.

Kids have great ideas. I did not want to shoot his ideas down and say that most of them were impossible or impractical. Fifteen years ago people were talking about what a waste the Internet was. Finding a mate online? Impossible! It's great that kids have no ideas that their ideas sound silly to adults.

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