Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a crying shame!

t was mid-week and I was excited to take my 2 boys out on the Alameda Creek trail for my run and their bicycle ride. I called them on the phone before lunch time and reminded them to get all their home work completed and to be ready to rock and roll by 350 PM.

I was home by 350 PM and told the boys to saddle up! Both boys were still scrambling to find their Awana workbooks for church on Wednesday evening. My youngest, Happy Zach managed to locate his loaner book. He said that he was never issued the new book. My oldest son, BG could not find his book anywhere. Mommy said that he did not look too hard for it and was caught playing around. Boys!

Zach was ready in a few minutes. I went out back to get his bicycle and discovered that his rear tire was flat again! No problem, I put him on his spare bicycle that was really the size for a 4 year old and Zach is 6.

As Happy Zach and I were leaving, BG came running outside crying. He really wanted to go riding and I wanted him with us. However, that is poor parenting to give in. I told him to be responsible and take better care of his belongings.

Zach and I had a great ride. It was a good relationship building for the 2 of us. We often say to each other "It's just you and me baby!"

I was informed by the Awana director that Happy Zach was given his book 4 weeks ago and lost it just before the Christmas break. He owned it for less than 1 hour before he lost it. Both kids are now short $7 each to pay for their lost books. I don't give the kids a free ride for silly careless mistakes.

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