Friday, December 19, 2008

First Snow

The first snow is finally here! Well, it probably has already snowed somewhere in the Bay Area. However, I saw snow today on my run.

I got a late start on my run because I had a telephone errand to do. I had to run fast. And do I mean fast to get back at last light. I like to time my run so I can see the ACE train roll by. It's a boy thing. I like trains.

I hit my first time spot 45 seconds faster than my fast pace at 12':16". Granted, I have dropped over 10 lbs since October. I am a trim 188 or so pounds. I was 1 minute faster for my second timed spot at 27'. At the mid point of my run I saw the snow. It was glorious. All the east bay mountain peaks were covered in snow. I wanted to be up in the high country the instant that I saw the white magic.

I finished the run in 1:02'49". It was not my fasted time, but dead nuts close to a tie. Best time that I can remember is a 1:03.

I missed the train. I heard the tell tale whistle and viewed the train roll over the bridge in the distance. Memories.

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