Monday, November 17, 2008

Shooting Star!

This Saturday I had 3 bonuses to boast about. The first 2 bonuses were Princess Nadia and Contessa Isidalia. I have not run with either of these gals for over 3 months.

We started our run up Mission Peak at O:dark 100 hours. I had a flashlight on to deter the skunks. While making our ascent up Mission Peak, I notice a bright flash in the eastern sky. It really looked like a comet since it had a long tail. I told the girls to look into the sky and we gazed at the bright light for several seconds until it disappeared behind the mountains. Moments like these are what makes trail running so much fun. One never knows what to expect.

On the way up Mill Creek road, we saw numerous deer. The moon was near full and on the waning side. The sun rose in spectacular crescendo of reds, purples, and pastel blue.

My beautiful wife reprimanded me for not bringing the camera to catch the moments. There will always be a next time in our runs.


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