Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lacking Action

Who says running has to have lots of action to be considered a great run? I ran my plain old vanilla run up Mission Peak and had a great time because I was with 2 very good friends. I laughed with Nadia and Isidalia. We ran slow. So who really cares? Isidalia said that we are not really training for anything. We are not running to stay in shape. We are not even running because it's fun. Does it really matter why we run? Not really. We run because we want to run. There does not have to be a reason to run.

Why do people to what they do? I am not a genius. But I figured out after having children that people often do things because they want to. Does this sound deep? No.

Have you ever ate a bowl of ice cream and had a conversation with yourself as to why you ate it? I doubt that you even think about the ice cream after you finished a pint of it. Let's be honest. We do things because we want to.

I took a 3 month class in logic in logic. It was the greatest class because I found out that most of us are really not logical at all. The class though, was logical. I am not. Running is not logical. I often am sore after a run. I even get tired.

I run.

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